Welcome to The Legacy Dream Team!

Our Mission

At Legacy Dream Team, our founders and leaders are dedicated to a singular mission: serving as the catalyst in your pursuit of realizing your dreams. We recognize that true success encompasses not only financial prosperity but also holistic well-being, including physical and mental health. Our approach is holistic, emphasizing not just wealth creation but also the nurturing of health.

Joining our team means more than mere membership; it means becoming an ambassador of transformation. Through the LifeWave opportunity, we empower you to extend this transformative experience to others, creating a ripple effect of both health and wealth that extends far beyond individual gains.

Our History

With a collective experience spanning hundreds of years, the founders and leaders of Legacy Dream Team exemplify the profound impact of knowledge and mentorship. Our journey is enriched by the wisdom and guidance of some of the industry’s most accomplished and influential figures. This wealth of experience forms the bedrock upon which our team stands.

Leadership within our team is not just about guidance; it’s about perpetual learning and growth. We believe that effective leadership requires a commitment to personal development, a continual quest for new insights and perspectives. This dedication has been central to our success as field leaders and executives, collectively influencing hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs.

Our Values

The essence of Legacy Dream Team resides in our online training system, the crucible of transformation. Our system is meticulously crafted to provide step-by-step guidance on business development while fostering leadership and personal growth across eight critical life domains. These domains are symbolized by the eight-point star in our logo, representing the interconnectedness and equal importance of each area in your journey toward comprehensive success.

Our training is comprehensive and dynamic, tailored to cultivate balanced growth in body, mind, family life, spirituality, business acumen, financial literacy, community engagement, and relationship building. By nurturing these essential areas, we aim to cultivate not only successful entrepreneurs but also exceptional leaders—a Dream Team capable of positively influencing the world and creating a lasting legacy.


Step-by-Step Courses to Help You Grow and Manage Your Business

Compensation Plan

Lifetime All levels
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Building Blocks 1

Lifetime Intermediate
The first of a 4-part teaching system designed to guide you with daily...
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Building Blocks 2

Lifetime Intermediate
In this course you will learn the skills to rank up and maximize...
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Building Blocks 3

Lifetime Intermediate
In this course you will learn the how to become a leader for...
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Building Blocks 4

Lifetime Intermediate
In the final course you will learn the framework to create leaders within...
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"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day."

Jim Rohn