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Legacy University is your comprehensive online training resource to help you start, grow, and manage a thriving LifeWave business. At the core of our industry’s success lies a powerful truth: the most effective way to flourish is by enabling a broad and diverse group of people master at a few simple and effective actions. Take the example of McDonald’s – a global food empire run predominantly by teenagers and young adults, thriving on a simple yet efficient system. This is a testament to the philosophy that systems are what run successful businesses, operated by people who master these systems. 

In network marketing, particularly, there’s a universal principle followed by all mega successful leaders: the true measure of an action’s effectiveness is not whether you can do it, but whether it can be adopted, copied, and executed by everyone on your team. The courses at Legacy University embody this philosophy. They are filled with practical, proven strategies that anyone can implement.

At Legacy University, we provide a structured pathway, coaching you through a system designed specifically for building your LifeWave business. This system is your gateway to independence. By following this system diligently and then mentoring others to do the same, you create a sustainable business model. Imagine being able to take a 90-day vacation, confident that your business is growing in your absence. That’s the power of our online training system. We provide 100% of the information to 100% of the team. We eliminate the long and costly learning curve associated with growing your team and your income!

So, let’s begin this exciting journey! Click on “Getting Started” and let’s set the wheels in motion towards achieving your dreams!


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The Steps to Success

With no prior experience, you will have the opportunity to walk through hands-on examples with Hadoop and Spark frameworks, two...
1 Hour