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The mission of the Legacy Dream Team is to become the catalyst that will help propel you toward the realization of your dreams. We provide knowledge, tools, training and support that can help you enjoy a more successful life financially as well as physically. We also provide a platform where you can be an ambassador of this knowledge and pay it forward into the lives of others by promoting Health and Wealth building through the Team Beachbody opportunity.

The founders and leaders of the Legacy Dream Team have over 60 years of combined experience and have been mentored by some of the most successful and significant leaders in the industry. We continually strive to improve ourselves and to be well rounded in 8 critical areas of life. Which is why we have an 8 point star in our logo. These areas are like spokes on a wheel and if they are all there and developing equally you can become an amazing leader and also significantly impact others in a positive way.



If you had to choose between health and money we would hope you choose health. Your overall health is your biggest asset in life and without a healthy body you take years from your life. Your health is the biggest factor that determines the amount of time you will have on this earth. The one commodity that everyone wants at the end of their life is more time.

A well educated and determined mindset are key factors in your ability to communicate with and lead others. Personal development through reading, seminars, audio books and motivational and spiritual sources will humble your ego. The more you learn and become a student of personal development the more you will realize that you will never “arrive.” You are either in growth mode or decay. We choose growth.

The greatest leaders in the world are spiritually grounded and therefore have a strong set of values that they have chosen to live by. Every leader is a follower and until you can follow you cannot lead. Leaders that lead by position rather than example will soon find themselves unable to lead themselves let alone others. Leaders that lead and manipulate for the purpose of gain rather than the purpose of serving others will find that their rewards will be short lived. We believe in following a higher power or standard if you prefer and that is what keeps us humble and in service to others.

Being fit and healthy physically and personal development are the first steps to mastering yourself and controlling your emotional state. Being able to respond to situations rather than reacting to them is the first step in becoming a leader. Your family depends on your leadership, you are leading your family either with definitive principles, values and a determined effort to be a good example or by neglecting the same. We choose to set the right example.

The fastest way to destroy your body is financial stress. The fastest way to destroy a positive mental attitude is financial stress. The number one factor that leads to divorce and tears families apart is financial stress. We all have heard that money won’t buy happiness…but it does rent it well. If you want to find out what unhappy is try living without any money for awhile. Providing in abundance for your family and providing security for your family is a basic desire for any parent and a key factor in your self confidence. We believe in financial education and teach debt control and long term wealth building principles.

The greatest factor that determines your success in the workplace and or the business world is the ability to create and maintain healthy relationships with other people. Healthy relationships and the need to be accepted and provide value and joy to others is a basic instinctive need in the human psyche. That is why we are tribal by nature. Without the previous five areas in balance the ability to have long term meaningful and or profitable relationships is much more difficult. We proactively teach relationship, communication and team building skills that are paramount to a successful marriage, family and business.

Your business is the foundation of your financial success. Knowing how to structure your team for the maximum benefit from the compensation plan can help you create a successful business even faster. Treating your business like a business is critical for your long term success and we teach the basics of running your business and strategies that can potentially save you thousands of dollars in taxes and even fund your business overhead.

The final stage in completing a well rounded life and becoming significant is when you give back. Being involved in the community is a great way to sow effort into the universe. Nature abhors a vacuum and will always return more of what you sow. Being visible in the community also allows you to network with other successful people that are of the right mindset and value structure that can be recruited and turned into leaders in a very short time. The feeling of serving others and giving of yourself is also a great boost for your overall self image.



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